Towards the Fens of Canmoor

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 3967

Seeing that Andrea looked troubled, Frederigo told her: "It is no use going after Astra just yet. Were we to catch up with her, we might have but a brief moment to regret our folly before our throats were ripped out. We must wait a few days, until the moon has waned sufficiently for Astra to return to human form." Astra supposed that made sense, but something did not feel right. Hadn't he said yesterday that staying at Belboz's overnight would give Astra enough of a head start to be safe? In which case, what was the need for further delay? She considered asking why, of all the other directions they might have taken, they were heading for the Fens, where progress was bound to be difficult and perhaps even dangerous. However she decided that it might be wiser to keep silent. She knew that Frederigo was a friend of Astra and yet, whilst she trusted Astra totally, she did not trust him.

She wondered whether she should have secreted some of the sea salt and herbs in her pack. But a warding circle was only effective against evil that was magical or supernatural in nature, which would apply to Belboz but not - she presumed - to Fred, so there had seemed to be no point.

  1. After travelling much of the day, they reached the edge of the fens.
  2. Our attention switches back to Astra.

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