Shot through the heart!

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 395

Fred awoke many months later. Looking around, he realized he was back in his own chambers. All of his friends, including the King, Sir Toby, Sir Joshua, Sir Paulito, Princess Exocita, Velus, and Astra Warrior Princess were standing vigil by his bed. With them was the strange creature who had shot him earlier.

"You idiot!" said the King. "You have failed my quest."

Thus ends the Never Ending Adventure. You have lost the game. Better luck next time!

  1. Fred begs for another chance.
  2. Fred asks for a priest to administer last rites.
  3. Fred slips back into a coma, and awakens 100 years later.
  4. Fred slips back into a coma and dies.

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2/16/1999 11:11:20 PM

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