Josh's Furry Self

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 38889

Human Josh had panicked at the sight of a centipede and run off to hide in the Staircase Room Library, more specifically the discount pit.
This furry version of Josh is a humanoid cheetah. Pretty awesome. Too bad this Josh is being pursued by insane/midget/overweight Batman assassins. Furry Sara nails all the potential killers with Xanax spray. They fall over. She sighs and shoves them down the Kitchen Trapdoor. Then she sprays Josh down. He doesn't fall over. Xanax only calms a Josh Burbank down.
Josh sucks the Xanax dry.
Furry Sara takes the opprotunity and sets Josh up with a laptop and links to pirate Shakespearean movies.

  1. Furry Josh soon becomes a better man.
  2. Furry Josh starts commiting horrific crimes based on Shakespeare.
  3. Human Josh shows up and tries to shave Furry Josh.
  4. Hannibal Lecter bursts into the kitchen, slips on a bannana peel and breaks his neck.
  5. Furry Beth McCart, a zebra, runs in. She is carrying the world's seventh most valuable bottle of hooch.

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