Glenda Has Muscles

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 38444

After being dragged out of the water, Fred lay spluttering on the floor of the cave, looking up at his rescuer. Looking down at him was Glenda, who must be considerably stronger than she looked.

"What were you thinking of, jumping in like that?" she asked him. "Surely you must have known that you couldn't swim wearing that heavy armour?"

Fred, feeling rather embarrassed by his stupidity, decided that it might be a good idea to change the subject. "Thank you for saving me. You must be very strong for a girl, to be able to drag me out like that. I'm surprised that the current was able to pull you into the caves."

  1. "It's very powerful. Even without your armour, I doubt that you would have been able to make any progress against it. Your first idea, of our leaving the caverns the way you came in, seems a better one."
  2. "I see that you doubt my account. Very well, this time I will tell you the true story of how I come to be naked and in the caves and why I am so strong."

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2/5/2004 12:52:08 PM

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