Oh,no!Poor Audrey!

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 3826

As Anna declines, she holds the fairie so she can not escape. Anna pulls out a small cage and throws Audrey into it. "Hey!What's the deal! I thought you were the One!!!!!!You are supposed to help us in the battle between Xawrd!!!" "Ha!I work for Xawrd the dragon!!My job is to capture all the fairies I can get a hold of!!!And now I've finally caught one!" Anna carried the cage for an hour. She looked at the cage that the bars were pulled apart and that Audrey was fighting her way out.Anna, shocked, dropped the cage to the ground. Audrey flew out and hit Anna so hard that she was knocked uncoincence and fell to the ground. Her hair was messed up, too! Anna had a pistol and she...

  1. wakes up and shoots Audrey.
  2. is still out.
  3. aims but misses.

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Princess Clare

8/18/1999 9:02:48 PM

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