Anna And The Eggs

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 3823

Anna knew these were not the eggs she was looking for. She continued on. Before she realized what was happening, she found herself on a high rocky platform overlooking a calm, peaceful lake. Trees the size of church steeples crowded around the lake, blocking any view of landscapes. It is mid-day but very cloudy.
"How did I get here?" she said. "I have a feeling those who stole the dragon's eggs are responsible.

  1. Try to get down to the level of the lake.
  2. Leap off the rock into the lake.
  3. Sit and have a sandwhich. Maybe those who teleported her will show up to parlay.
  4. Something floats to the surface of the lake. It is a dead man, well most of him.
  5. A glowing man shows up and tries to talk Anna out of serving the dragon.
  6. The ghost of Fred appears and moans and whines and carries on.
  7. Anna recognizes this as the spiritual meditation home of her Three Kingdom's mother. But Mother had died years ago; only she could manifest this peaceful illusion.
  8. The clouds part and Anna sees a sight to chill the bones of any sentient being. The six winged perry.
  9. Fog rolls in.
  10. Anna wakes up near the two eggs again. She hadn't gotten anywhere!

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