Wild Eggs

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 3821

Anna feels the familar tingle of a curse and remembered, far too late, that Floating Isles enviromentalists were recently trying to battle wildlife poachers by casting curses to afflict the evil-minded. And, as Anna had long ago accepted with her work for the dragon, she was evil.
What was the nature of the curse?

  1. Turning into a man, baby.
  2. The unavoidable urge to go to the nearest law enforcement officer and confess her sins.
  3. Being turned into a centaur (some Floating Isles citizens had really racist ideals).
  4. Random barnyard noises instead of speech.
  5. Something horribly frustrating for the dedicated evil servant; the urge to do good.
  6. Forced recollection montage of her top ten sins; with a suitably dramatic musical background.
  7. Gas.

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10/10/2008 3:20:52 AM

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