"Welcome to my lair," said the spider to the fly

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 38106

Amy composed herself as the monstrous arachnid descended. She recognized that it was her exertions that had attracted the beast, so she became very still, barely breathing, in the hope of making herself invisible.

The spider paused. "It must be blind," thought Amy, watching as the confused creature stretched out its eight legs to see if its captive was close by.

The moment was tense. Amy's muscles were tight, her fear palpable. Then, suddenly, there was a loud buzzing noise.

A horsefly, six-inches in length, was flitting around Amy's face. The spider was listening to the fly, and Amy's face contorted into dismay. The fly hovered over for a moment, and then landed on her nose. It was exploring this new surface with its legs, feeling into each of Amy's nostrils, and she couldn't control herself anymore.

The unfortunate medical student sneezed, and the ravenous spider pounced!

  1. A day later, some tattered sweat clothes and some well-picked bones drop beneath the web, a warning to future prey. Amy was the largest and tenderest meal the spider had ever had, and it regretted that there were no left-overs.

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