Mario's Death

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 37895

Without further ado, Josh slew Mario with one quick slash to the throat. The Italian plumber’s life was cut short just like that. No more rescuing princesses for Mario. No more power-up mushrooms. No more pipes. No more jumping over pits. No more corny music and hills with eyes. No more monsters hiding behind clouds. No more. It took him a minute or two to choke on his blood but he eventually did die.

“Wow,” Fred gasped. “Don’t you think murdering them was a little uncalled for?”

Josh chuckled. “I do tend to get a bit carried away. Oh well, the world won’t miss a couple of Italians anyway.”

“I suppose not,” Fred droned. “But still, they were human. You’ve just murdered two humans. Doesn’t That Make You Even The Slightest Bit Remorseful?”

“Why Are You Talking In Capital Letters?” Josh Asked Him Instead.

“You’re Talking In Capitals Too!” Fred Replied.

“Oh No!” They Both Screamed In Unison. “The Dragon Must Have Put A Spell On Us!”

How Annoying!

~* THE END *~

  1. You heard it folks, show's over...

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