The Return of Fred

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 37279

In spite of the amount that she had drunk, Astra could remember clearly everything that had happened yesterday up to the point when she had passed out. She wished that she couldn't. Had she really challenged Lil to a mud-wrestling contest?

Where was she now and how had she manage to acquire a green dress and steel-toed boots? And what about the gorgeous Mr M, back at the inn? Would she ever see him again?

But she was brought back from thoughts of Mr M when, approaching her through the buffalo herd, she saw the unmistakeable figure of Fred. "But you're dead!" she gasped.

  1. "Indeed I am," Fred agreed. He seemed quite happy about it.
  2. "No I'm not," Fred replied.

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12/27/2003 11:38:28 AM

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