In The Bathroom Now

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 368

Sir Josh turns off the water and dries his face with a small purple towel.

What the heck had that been about? All those hypnotic colors and nonsense. And what had the inside of the Enterprise been doing there anyway? This was screwed up.

Sir Josh leaned against the bathroom counter. What was he going to do now?

  1. Sir Josh goes back to his now-normal computer. The game starts with Commander Chakotay at the end of a large field. His friends are on the other side.
  2. The mirror changes, provding a swirly, staticy view into Captain Janeway's ready room.
  3. Sir Josh sits down and hallucinates that he is playing Extend-A-Story.

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7/15/1999 10:07:08 AM

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