WW2 Grenade

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 36165

The old style grenade, a tube with a wooden handle, bounces off the wall, thwaps Josh in the forehead and drops. By sheer chance, he catches it.
Josh has exactly two seconds to do something with the grenade.

  1. Throw it back down the stairs.
  2. Fling it up the rotation of the stairs and run back down, hoping the above stairs will blunt the explosion.
  3. Try and pry it apart to deactivate it.
  4. Kiss it tenderly.
  5. Paint it blue.
  6. Drop it into his pocket's Personal Black Hole.
  7. Pray to God for intervention.
  8. Pray to Josh Burbank for intervention.
  9. Leap onto it to protect Jerry from the explosion.
  10. Fling it down the laundry chute. Clank, clang, clong, BOOM!

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12/7/2003 5:36:35 AM

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