Fred Dreams He's Naked On The King's Throne

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 3498

Fred fell asleep in the chains in the water-dripping cell.

Fred knew he was asleep for he was sitting in the king's throne. Naked. And watching bluebirds do a little dance number. The bluebirds were ten feet tall.

"Finally. Lazy bones." said a voice. Fred looked to his left. This cinched it. In the Queens's honorary spot was an actual throne. And on it, a young man. The man wore rags and had not shaved in some time. He had a crazy vitallity in his eyes.

"Damn knights, always staying awake to all hours of the day. Enough to tire a ghost out."

"Ghost?" said Fred as the bluebirds did some sort of twirly thing.

"Shut up! Now I buried a key in 'your' cell before I died but you have to listen very carefully. There's a lot of steps you have to go through."

Fred is not dumb. "Why didn't you use the key and escape?"

"Because Belboz had my sister, hay-for-brains. Now will you listen or not?"

  1. Fred listens.
  2. Fred questions the man some more.
  3. Fred tries to wake himself up.
  4. Fred concetrates and makes the bluebirds explode.

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