Continuity Police

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 34296

The continuity police sweep in, assess the situation, and then look directly at YOU!

Alright buddy, they say, we've got laws in these parts, and one of those laws states that an adventurer must continue on his or her own quest until the quest is completed or the adventurer is dead. Usurpation of a quest is strictly prohibited.

In this case, the police continue, Fred was with Belboz asking the necromancer to conjure Ranma Saotome to do the fighting for him. Then YOU showed up and simply took over.

The continuity police look over your pathetic form and sadly shake their heads. It's clear that this is a cut-and-dry case. No ambiguity at all. YOU are guilty, and the penalty for usurpation of a quest is DEATH.

Without hesitation, the continuity police pull out their Swords of Obliteration, cut YOU down, and banish YOU to Oblivion forever.

  1. Fred Starts Over

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