Andrea Speaks Up

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 3420

To everyone's surprise, Andrea suddenly butted in: "But Astra doesn't have time. Her curse is almost certainly linked to the moon, which will be full if not tonight then tomorrow night at the latest." Astra looked at her in surprise. "What do you know of such matters, Andrea?" So Andrea recounted the story of the Ergot mushrooms. When she had finished, Astra looked even more troubled than before. "That all seems to fit," she muttered. "Clearly from what Belboz has said, a cure would take time that I don't have. And I cannot risk harming someone whilst I am in bestial form.

  1. "You must chain me up before darkness falls, and not release me till I have reverted to human form."
  2. "I must go into exile in the wild country, far from all human-kind. And I must leave at once."

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8/6/1999 2:25:38 PM

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