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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 34180

Fred's decision to become a dragon had aroused the wrath of that mysterious group of entities known only as The Displeased.

The Displeased were an obscure yet powerful force, which had long-since abandoned corporeal form, and had spent the last few millenia scouring the multiverse for things to be pissed off about. Their mode of being was reflected in their motto, "Zy'yngnar Alkops Plozgog Koxxxxx", which roughly translated as "We don't know much about anything, but we know what we don't like".

The Displeased had recently entered the world of the Never-Ending Quest and, for some reason unfathomable to the minds of mortal men, taken offence in the notion of Fred becoming a dragon.

Over the aeons, those beings who had encountered The Displeased had called them many things: po-faced gits, humourless tossers, infantile morons. Petty little creatures. Bed-wettingly dull pedants.

This however affected The Mispleased not one jot or tittle, as they deemed themselves to be above the opinions of other life forms. Impervious to insult and insinuation, they turned Fred back from a dragon into a man and placed him in a large white room . . .

  1. in front of a door which said "Waiting Room"
  2. back at the start of his quest
  3. back in fourth grade in an algebra lesson
  4. who cares? Let's find out some more about The Displeased

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Eric Kantona

9/22/2004 2:42:39 AM

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