Scary Demon Sounds

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 33698

Josh was so spooked by the strange unspeakable and unprintable noises issued by the Laugh-In Wall that he went and hid under his bed. Unfortunately for him, Scott and Todd seemed to have the same idea, so the room under the bed got extremely hot, crowded and smelly.

What happens next?

  1. Josh faints.
  2. The floor collapses.
  3. Todd does a Rygel from Farscape and farts helium.
  4. Scott starts whistling.
  5. The bed falls to pieces around them.
  6. The laugh-in wall tries to join them.
  7. Something goes "BOOOO!!" really loudly. They all wet themselves.

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9/29/2003 1:30:17 PM

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