A Convienent Plan

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 3165

Lord Fred sits down at the behest of the rat-creature.
"Let me guess." he says to Nitch. "The dragon did this to you."
"Indeed he did. I was an archer/gaurd at a nearby village when I was taken by the dragon. Fortunately a small dog, Velun, I think, caused a landslide to bury the vile creature before he could finish changing me into a small rat. Now I, Velun and many others make war on the dragon from inside his caves."
"Why not leave?"
"If it were only possible. The dragon has bonded his life force to the exits of the cave. If any of us changed creatures were to leave, he would know instantly. An old friend of mine, a bear, was killed three months ago. It was not enjoyable."
"I am sorry."
"Don't be. I brought you down here for a specific purpose. Some of the free creatures have managed to dig a tunnel to the dragon's lair. But part of the passage exits the mountain itself. We need you to go through it and take on the dragon."
Lord Fred's heart jumped. He...

  1. accepted the offer.
  2. declined the offer, suspicous of the circumstances.
  3. burns Nitch.

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