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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 3092

Fred tossed aside the damp piece of wood. "Minnow," he thought. He allowed the word to float through his mind, searching for something to connect it with.

Our hero trudged along the beach, realizing that he had to learn more about this place. If it was an island, how big was it? If it wasn't an island, where was he? Were there any other humans around? What would be his source of food and water? Where had this ship, the Minnow, come from, and what had been the fate of her crew? And where was the nearest decent pub?

As he trudged, wondering all these things, Fred began to hear voices coming from around the next bend in the shore. Fred quietly concealed himself behind a convenient boulder and spied on the group.

It appeared they had been there for some time. Elaborate bamboo huts had been erected around the clearing, and the outdoor firepits and hammocks looked well-used. From his vantage point, Fred could not hear their conversation, but he could see them clearly. Four men and three women, ranging from their 20s to 50s in age. The two older men were both overweight, as was the eldest woman. "So there must be a good supply of food here," thought Fred in relief, but also noted that three other members of the group were abnormally thin. "They appear harmless enough," Fred decided.

  1. Fred introduces himself to the group.
  2. Fred decides he wants nothing further to do with this unoriginal storyline.

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8/25/2000 6:51:29 AM

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