The Ultimate Cop-Out Episode

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 3074

Fred woke up. He found himself in his bunk in the castle barracks. He looked around to see all of his friends sleeping around him: Sir Toby, Sir Paulito, and the rest.

Whew! All of the previous events were just a dream! Fred flushed them all from his memory.

Suddenly a pageboy burst into the room. "Sir Fred!" he cried out! "Come quick! The King needs your help!"

A terrible thought came to Fred. What if his dreams were actually premonitions of things to come? What if the King were to send him on a quest to kill the Dragon and the events in his dream came to pass?

  1. Fred goes to the King and gets a quest to kill the Dragon
  2. Fred goes to the King and gets another quest altogether
  3. Fred panics and goes AWOL

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Sir Paulito

11/20/2000 2:46:51 PM

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