The Never Ending Quest - Episode 29132

Since Fred died so close to the dragon, it's evil changed his fate.
Fred's ghost haunted the caverns, tormenting the innocent.
It was the dragon's realm, though, so there wasn't much innocence to be found. Fred mostly had to scare baby rats.
"Squeeek, squeeek, squeeek!" they would cry, then the parents would run forward and hiss at Fred. Since the care of a parent, however simple, drove Fred away, he would um...be driven away. And usually miss the momma rat eating the babies in confusion.
In his own, simple way, Fred was the perfect exterminator. Since this benefitted evil too much, the forces of Light had to step in. They really weren't supposed to step in but The Big Guy was down at the pool hall and wasn't really paying attention so the Light Forces snuck out.
In order to stop Fred's cycle of helping the dragon, he was surrounded by magic and...

  1. sent to Heaven.
  2. given a new body.
  3. sent a hundred years to the future in his old body.
  4. destroyed utterly. The Forces Of Light can be cruel.
  5. reincarnated as a rapper. The Forces Of Light can be incompetent.

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10/21/2005 12:54:45 PM

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