Strange, Glowing Crystal

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 29130

With effort, because he had been drunk that day in Knight-Class, Fred recognized the crystal as a Time Stopper. With it, Fred could pause time for thirty seconds. It could only be used once per person
He grabbed it, then trusting the instincts developed when he wasn't drunk, rolled to the left. The dragon's tail smashed down, turning the chest into so much sawdust.
The crystal flared purple and time froze. Fred was unaffected.
What does he do with his thirty seconds?

  1. He stabs the dragon in the brain.
  2. He stabs the dragon in the heart.
  3. He stabs the dragon in the butt.
  4. He does a little jig.

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10/21/2005 12:58:10 PM

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