Josh Burbank meets Sir Josh

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 28001

Josh Burbank continues on up the stairs, leaving whatever happened below, well, below.
One full minute passes. Then he meets a bedecked warrior coming down. Who should it be but...Sir Josh!
"Josh!" said Josh.
"Josh!" said Josh.
"Never quite expected to meet you." said Josh.
"Well, look who's writing us. It's Lots42." said Josh.
"I see." replied Josh. "You never quite know what to expect from Lots42."
"I concur." said Josh, shaking his head.

  1. "Let's team up for an adventure!"
  2. "Let's go our seperate ways."
  3. "Let's get Lots42!"

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Lots42 (Not Josh)

5/19/2003 8:38:44 PM

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