Fred in hell again

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 27564

"AAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" laughs Satan, who now for some reason looks like Adam Sandler with horns. (Adam was the town idiot).
"You went back to Earth, stole the king's wife, made him miserable, then in one moment of goodwill you went back to kill the dragon and got eaten!" Satan, now looking like an unameable horror, rolls on the floor. "I haven't had this much fun since God allowed me to torment Job!"
Fred seethes in fury. Satan changes into the Ex-Queen and mocks Fred.

  1. Fred stabs Satan in the head.
  2. Fred goes back and tries to gain more revenge on the king.
  3. Fred breaks down and sobs.

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9/26/2003 9:16:15 AM

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