Right to the Dragon's Cave?

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 2713

"We'll go right." Fred decides. "I went right at the last fork I came to, and that steered me in the right direction."

"Grand idea!" the Troll exclaims. The wizard doesn't seem to think so. He sulks behind muttering to himself & telling Fred he should have went left.

They keep walking for a long, long time, and soon Fred starts to get hungry. "Does anyone have any food?" he asks. The Troll and wizard both empty their pockets. The Troll pulls out a penut-butter sandwich, some little black berries, and a set of keys. The wizard pulls out a mini book of spells, a bottle of green liquid, and 3 slices of pizza.

Fred looks around. What does he do?

  1. asks the Troll if they can all split the penut-butter sandwich
  2. asks the Troll what kind of berries those are
  3. asks the Troll what the keys are for
  4. asks the wizard if any of the spells in the book will bring a wonderful dinner to him
  5. asks the wizard what the green liquid is
  6. asks the wizard for a slice of pizza
  7. emptys out his pockets too

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7/9/1999 7:10:23 PM

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