The Gunblade And The Testing

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 26958

Here you go,says Fred giving Joe the money.

Here you go,says Joe smileing and hands Fred the items.And congraulations Sir!You are our first custumer today,You win a Free sword.

SWEET!exclaims Fred rather loudly.

Here you go says Joe and hands Fred a weird sword.(that is,unless you`ve played Final Fantasy XIII and/or Kingdom Hearts.

The sword was normal in every way except it had a weird marking at the tip and the handle was just like a gun.With a trigger and everything.The only thing that was missing was the place where the bullets came from.

That my friend just came out today!Explains the man.Its light and powerful!Plus,if you pull the trigger at the right time while attacking an enemy,it will do extra damage.

You mean this thing ask Fred pointing at the trigger.

Yes,that is it sir,says Joe happily.Now,wadda you say we test that spray out,shall we?

.O.K says Fred.

The man takes out a little robot.Heres how its gotta work.This robot is going to shoot fire at you,but with this repel on,the fire will deflect back at the dragon in a different form wich will happen to be his weakness.For example!If the dragon shoots fire it will reflect back and turn in to ice.If it shoots out ice,it will turn into fire.If it shoots out poisen,it will turn into antedote.Now just rub the stuff on your skin and we will start testing.

Now the only queston is if the stuff worked.

  1. The stuff works succsesfully
  2. The stuff dosen`t work and Fred gets burned badley
  3. When Fred sprays the repel on his skin it burns his skin
  4. When Fred sprays the stuff the can explodes
  5. The stuff is really gasiline

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