Deleting Filthy Pete

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 2623

Filthy Pete vanishes with a bright blue flash.
The nun chuckles, chugs a shot of scotch from somewhere and leaps for the controls. Before anyone can blink, communications is turned off and she is gone.
"Okay, that was weird." said Paris.
"Mr. Paris." said Janeway. "Bring us on course of the Alpha Quadrant. Tuvok, have scanners keep an eye out for the ship. Ir eally don't trust it."
Both acknowledge her orders.
Exactly one minute later...

  1. the ship returns.
  2. Tuvok turns into Jay Leno.
  3. Sir Josh turns off the game.
  4. Sir Josh deletes Seven Of Nine and replaces her with Kes.
  5. a giant space-bug splatters on the viewscreen.
  6. a tiny monkey appears on the bridge and runs amok.
  7. Torres beams onto the bridge and phaser stuns everyone.
  8. The Doctor registers that Sir Josh/Kim is not who he appears to be.

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