Story Cop Deleted

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 2609

Suddenly the cop disappears from the com screen. Filthy Pete gets up and says "Good, now ye can delete dat nun! She's dat one who put me on dis ship after me Prosperity sank due to me trip to dat future."

Tuvok says "How did the intercom become unmuted?"

"Me first mate, ye come over here and keep dat nun under control, or delete her or we make her walk dat plank out dat airlock!"

Sir Josh chuckles as Tuvok says "Mute is now on for sure!"

The captain says "What happens to the story police and what did Filthy Pete means by deleting the nun. Did the so call story cop get deleted and if so how?"

  1. Sir Josh chuckles and decides to have another object deleted.
  2. Sir Josh sits back and watches the drama unfold.

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Sir Josh the story cop zapper.

7/5/1999 7:24:26 PM

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