For a Greater Good?

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 25720

The remaining members nod silently in agreement, also very angered at the turn of events. Now was a time to decide on how to proceed, "winner take all" as one might say.

Actually, the leader thinks to herself as her new tail swishes whilst they discuss the best course of action, In a fashion these strange mages have done my cabal a favor, if we can just grasp it if and when this war is done!

Always before the cabal had moved within the deep shadows, fearful of discovery before they could bring their plans of conquest and rule (for the greater good, of course) to bear. Now?

Now, things were different.

Why and how?

Well, several answers for those questions folks.

First, the leader of these mages actually (if only to herself) must thank luck for this turn of events. Now not even their own mother would recognize them in a crowd, much less the traitorous dark elves (unless they got up real close and used their Fey senses). Thus even if the other mages try to scry (spy) upon them to locate (and delete) them, they'd find it rather difficult). More to the point, they now all looked like the various refugees who'd come seek out aid from the New Amazons (the allies these mages seemed to have duped into aiding them). Thus, if need be and boldness was needful (which it was looking so right now), they could do if the deadline for damnation got too near!

Then there was the fact that these antics of these mystery mages would make the road to power and world salvation so much easier for these mages, they reasoned! Before, because of fear of being revealed as magic users by superstitious folks, they'd been hiding in shadows and operating secretively. Now, through the rather jaw dropping boldness of the enemy, such things as alien things like magic and such won't be so....odd. Indeed, as the days went on it was becoming less "normal" to find those "not" transformed into fantastic (magical) beings and creatures. What's a little bit of magic thrown about if it can be explained away as a (beneficial) side effect of transformation?!

Made the head mage shake her head a little, wondering why she hadn't thought of trying something so bold before. Some kind of engineered crisis to create a similar result as what these enemy mages now had unleashed upon the world?

Finally, the mages now had a measure of the enemy, and they now realized that they'd been rather duped when they'd bowed to that foxboy/mage's demands! See, whilst their sudden transormed state might have been perhaps a strike called upon them by powerful and deliberate magic, nobody would believe it.

See, amongst the transformed there were now some entities now much more....powerful than before.

One, a true and loyal member of the Cabal, breaths a little smoke and fire and admires the results. Push comes to shove (if need be and if it served the greater good), the new dragons would swoop down upon the town the enemy lay, and breath upon it. Breath and burn it to the ground in the idea of torching Rebecca. Oh, it would weigh heavily on their souls, but the price for not doing something and letting things go to Hell because of inaction was a bigger sin!


The head mage shook her head slightly, wondering at the turn of things. Oh, in her heart of hearts before now, when she'd been inducted and raised to her lofty position, she'd thought that the Cabal's secret "prophecies" was so much quasi-religious fecal matter to impress the less worldly. Now? Well, it appears that she was rather wrong....and she vowed with the faith of the newly converted (and now very fanatical) that she would see the Purpose was served. Feeling shame for having duped her fellow mages in the past, she vowed to do right by them and the world for now on. Best way to do it was to finish this war and win!

Even if it meant her life. Some things, she now saw, were worth dying for!!

So in the meantime, whilst moving herself and her fellow mages towards Aaron's city in order to (if needed) face the mages in mortal combat (if their assassins failed), the game was in motion.

And in the final days, if all else failed, the dragons were waiting in the it were...

All believing, wrongly, that they were serving the greater good. True believers, one and all.

My, how the Demons were having fun with that.

Days later....

  1. Artizza and Fertal, with their new friends, were in private discussing the upcoming "fake" assassination of Aaron, which would leave Aaron's sister no choice but to take the throne (and leave her opponents little choice but accept)....

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