Josh is Glad His CD Malfunctioned

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 249

She came out of the back of the store, dressed in a skin tight red dress that somehow did not clash with her drop-dead red hair. She looked freshly dressed and made up. Josh swallowed and sweated. It was not every day that he met a woman who was so beautiful. This was turning out to be Josh's lucky day after all even if she was the manager of a computer store that sold bad software.

  1. Josh forgot about the CD and tried to ask the store manager out to dinner.
  2. Josh wanted a new CD even if the store manager was beautiful.
  3. Josh asked "what's a beautiful woman like you doing in a place like this."
  4. Josh felt too embarassed to say anything, so stupified was he by the store manager's beauty.
  5. OK, make up your own idea if you don't like any of mine.

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2/14/1999 10:00:51 PM

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