An Excess of Enthusiasm

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 24369


The meeting between Erica and Illura - who has Synizn, Mirage and myself with her as her advisors - has been taking place in a private room in a tavern in a small town. This was the most convenient place that we could find along the route that Erica and her escorts have been taking back to the Darian capital.

When we emerge from the room and come downstairs to the bar, we get a shock, as the patrons attempt to mob Erica and Illura as soon as they catch sight of them. Apparently the drinkers - all men, apart from Erica's escort party - have experienced something rather similar to Erica as a result of the most recent chaos event. In their case, though, the adoration seems to be split evenly between Erica and Illura. If this change is at all widespread, it will be very convenient in the longer term, as it will make it easier to put Erica back on the throne and also to implement the planned merger of Daria's and Zendara's armies. However, at this precise moment it's anything but convenient, in fact it's rather dangerous.

Erica's escorts have experienced the same quasi-religious "conversion" as everyone else apart from Synizn and myself (both immune as Champions) and Mirage (unaffected either because she was the unwitting conduit or because she's not from this reality). However some of the escorts realise the danger Erica is in and have enough discipline to attempt to come to her aid, but they are in danger of being trampled underfoot unless they use their weapons. And of course using their weapons is the last thing we would want them to do.

There is total chaos for a moment, and then:

  1. Synizn casts a timely spell.

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JH (could be a cloaking spell, could be a sleep spell)

3/2/2003 11:24:03 AM

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