When Magic Meets Steel

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 24044

"Trecherous sorcerer," Fred spat, tightening his iron grip on the hollow- boned old man. "I have the authority of the sovereign King to vanquish all threats and obstacles that stand in the way of my Quest! Your foolishness will be your downfall, prepare to be ensnared by the icy cold tentacles of death!"

"Necromancer," Belboz corrected, still avoiding eye contact with the dragonslayer. "I'm a necromancer, I specialize in necromancy. Not sorcery. While the two fields of study might be quite similar, there are numerous differences between the two and..." before Belboz continued he noted that the haughty knight was only growing more impatiant the more he went on. Instead of finishing his comparasson of schools of the arcane arts he finished by saying, "...and I swear that my intentions were only the most honest!" Only a stupid knight would announce the fact that he's about to attempt a strike on me! he thought all the while.

"Fork-tongued serpent," Fred scowled in response, his fierce hatred of magic-users and their ilk boiling over now. "I will cut you down like the snake you are, and your darkened blood staining this accursed ground will be the only physical mark you leave on this earth!"

"Good," Belboz sneered coldly. "The physical elements are only tools and stepping-stones to a higher..."

"Enough of your nonsense and idle bantering! You are nothing but another tally mark for my flawless record of mageslaying!" The necromancer felt the icy prik of a blade being forced against his gut and "Begone to the shadows that spawned you," Fred whispered, thrusting the blade straight into the soft flesh of the necromancer's belly...

  1. *POOF!* Even as the blade was drawn away the necromancer disappeared.
  2. Black blood gushed from the wound in the old man's gut, he stumbled to the ground, gasping for breath...

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