Sir Josh tries the old split-personality stuff

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 2385

"Not me" whines sir Josh. "Its my alter ego, who also lives in my body. I've got a split personality" "yeah sure" sneers Fred, noticing for the first time Josh's institutionalized pallor. "Plenty of crims have tried that one, Josh." "you ask my defence, I mean my therapist!" screams Josh "Honest, I'm not a killer, I'm a nice person really. I'm horribly misunderstood. I'm a victim of abuse! My mother made me shine my own shoes!" "Well I'm not going to be killed by some loser like you" says Fred "and that's final". "Oh yeah?" says Josh, a nasty gleam coming into his eyes. He suddenly draws his sword and slashes wildly at Fred. Fred easily parries the blow and sson has Josh backed up against a tree. "Know what I'm gonna do now, loser?" he snarls. "What?" snivels Josh, who is a coward at heart. "Well," says Fred

  1. "i'm gonna kill you"
  2. "I'm gonna return you to The Institution!"

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8/19/1999 8:16:40 AM

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