The Never Ending Quest - Episode 235

Fred groaned in pain as the sun beat down on his bare, sunburned back. He had torn up his shirt hours ago. He had stuffed the rag's between the Princess's skin and her chains so the heated metal would not sear her skin.

Fred checked his goal. The oasis was closer...yes, closer. It wasn't an hallucination. This desert, the Calamari Desert dominated the Northern lands of Fred's hometown. The first thing schoolchildren are taught is a spell to determine what was a hallucination and what wasn't. Fred knew the patch of grass and water was real but he just wasn't sure if he and the Princess from the sourthern lands could reach it before they keeled over and died.

  1. Fred and the Princess reach the oasis.
  2. Fred and the Princess keel over and die.
  3. The oasis comes to them. This disturbs Fred.

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3/6/1999 8:21:58 PM

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