the Bridge

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 23009

Fred approached the bridge hoping that on the other side of said bridge would be the scepter of St. Valentine. The air was misty, smokey, and musty, and the magical mask did not filter all the awful rottenness out of the air. Fred wanted to get out and get out quick. Yet even as he put his first foot on the bridge he knew that that was not to be.

"Who goes there? cough, cough" said a scraggly voice.

oh great! thought Fred. "Um, no one," he said, his voice a bit muffled by the mask.

"No one?!?" responded the craggy voice. "Oh, well then, never--- Hey, wait a minute!"

Fred had already tiptoed three feet across the bridge when a form jumped from under the wooden planks and landed atop the railing. The figure was not what Fred had figured it would be. He was staring at a man, a man who was only three inches high! He wore torn shorts, a ripped shirt, and a fisherman's hat!! "Hey there wise guy, stop right where you are," said the creature.

Fred stopped. "You talking to me?" he said through the leatherine mask.

"Of course I'm talking to you, you ugly long-faced galoot! Who else would I be talking to?"

"Well, um, maybe that little centaur-girl by the path?"

The little man seemed upset by Fred's lie, or perhaps it was just excited. Either way, the little man jumped off of the railing, ran past Fred while Fred ran along the bridge. The chamber was so murky, however, that what Fred thought was a short expanse of wood proved to be a lot longer.

  1. halfway across he hears a voice coming from the water below, "psst, psssst! help me and i shall grant you three wishes." Fred looked down and only saw a fish. "nah, couldn't be..." he thought.
  2. by the time Fred crossed the bridge he found the little man waiting for him. "Hey, wise guy, I didn't find no centaur-girl!"

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