Satan is Mad

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 22986

Satan drop-kicks Fred through the living room wall. Fred rockets through the room and smashes through the wall on the far side. He ends up in the virtual reality torment room, somehow tangled up in the support bars the VR uses hold onto. Wires spark and a table full of monitors falls over. Crash!
Satan flies in.
"What is going on, where is everyone?"
"Where were you?" Fred gasps around a stainlees steel metal thingamambob.

  1. Satan was walking the dog.
  2. Satan was meeting his gay lover, Saddam.
  3. Satan was lost.
  4. Satan says it is none of Fred's business.
  5. Satan says he was snipering Angels. (Wha?)
  6. Satan says he was destroying his arch-enemy, the Dragon Minestus

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9/27/2003 7:15:05 AM

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