Fred vs. Belboz: Round 5

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 22119

"Ha ha ha! How silly! Who told you that?"

"You did - hey, waaait a’re trying to stall me, aren’t you?”

“What, me? Oh no…what makes you say that?”

“You’re deliberately trying to impede my progress by talking in circles!”

“What, me? Oh no…what makes you say that?”

“Enough!” Fred fished around in his utility belt. Belboz had clearly used some sort of confusion spell on him to dim his wits and delay his progress. He had to take advantage of this momentary burst of clarity and find his “Anti-Confusion Potion.”

Noticing that Fred was thinking much better, Belboz begin reciting the confusion spell again, hoping to confuse Fred enough before he got to the potion.

  1. Fred finds and swallows the potion in time.
  2. Belboz gets Fred even more confused than before!

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Sir Paulito

12/3/2002 8:12:29 AM

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