Lord Fred Mans His Post

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 2195

Lord Fred mans his post at St. Peter's giant, flying, flame shooting desk. (It was sleeping at the moment).
And who was the next person to come up...but Josh Burbank! One of the four stars of Horsehockey.net and a more destructive force then a score of dragons!
An alarm sounded. Lord Fred looked down and to the right. A green door slid open. A combination lock turned on it's own.
A safe door fell off it's hinges. Lord Fred reached inside and pulled out a manilla enveloped. It was shut with a blob of wax that was imprinted with the seal of Satan's House Of Accounting and Horrible Expensive Brothels.
Fred snapped the wax and pulled out an ancient sheet of parchment. What did it say?

  1. Summon God.
  2. Send Josh to Hell! Now! Don't let him do or say anything !
  3. Thing Ring, Do Your Thing!
  4. Bacon!
  5. What's up with those shirt skirts on Kirk's Enterprise anyway? What a mess.
  6. MSG is cool.

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6/29/2002 7:58:58 AM

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