Fred Resolves to Strike a Blow for Good Manners

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 21764

Fred scowled. The 'Kick Me' sign magically engraved in the back of his chainmail while fighting the Giant Millipede of Saltpan was not original, but he had to admit that the timing was everything, as it is in most good practical jokes. The banana peel in the Most High Holy Temple of Allaria at least had the virtue of strategic placement, and Fred could magnanimously forgive the insult to the Great Kingdom, more readily as it was that twit, Duke Zular, who ended up swimming in the filth of the Temple cesspool and not him. However, this crossed the line. Enchanting one's tea by arranging tea leaves into crude pictures was something that one did just not do. Fred would have to teach him a lesson.

Not wishing to waste good tea, Fred scooped out the tea leaves, and drank a nice cup of tea, the experience somewhat marred by the cheap effects. Fred strapped on his sword and raised his buckler, and then

  1. set out to defeat the dragon.
  2. set out to chastise Belboz.
  3. set out to show him what a really good practical joke was.

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11/9/2002 7:00:21 PM

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