Fred vs. Belboz: Round 3

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 21721

Fred managed to clear his head long enough to realize that he was now flinging his sword about, slicing bananas in two and making quite a mess. His sword had come loose in the melee and he could now finally finish off this doddering old man and continue his quest.

Raising his sword in triumph, Fred declared “Prepare to face my fury!” At that moment he noticed that Belboz was no longer anywhere to be seen! He had snuck out of the room!

Amongst the sword marks and other dings caused by Fred’s rampage, there was now a note pinned to the wooden cabinet. It read: Gone to gather mushrooms. I’ll be back in an hour. Belboz. P.S.: Feel free to take a banana. They could come in handy against the Dragon! Just stick one up his nose. You see, the vitamin B, combined with whatever it is that makes a banana yellow, causes a dragon's lungs to explode.

Upon reading the postscript, Fred’s could feel the veins pulsating on his forehead. This was really too much! Fred screamed in rage. Belboz really had it coming. On the other hand, he finally had access to bananas and could continue his quest.

  1. Fred tries to find Belboz so that he might continue his assault on the necromancer (Round 4).
  2. Fred takes a banana and goes off to find the Dragon.

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Sir Paulito

11/12/2002 6:31:55 AM

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