The Governor

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 21683

Things were looking up for Governor Gilder. Hespan had been through some hard times as late due to Peppermint price-fixing by the Geldans, but that was all about to change. Gilder had struck a deal with Suffex, an Allarian Duchy with which he had not tradtionally had good relations, to have them supply Peppermint instead. He could now cut off relations completely with both Gelda and Califie.

Just then the Governor’s Security Advisor burst through the door. “Governor! Spies have been captured. Spies from Gelda and Califie!”

Now, it would have been easy for Gilder to just execute the spies, but he wasn’t stupid. This wasn’t worth going into a full-out war over. “Send them to me. I shall interrogate them myself.”

Before long, two individuals were shuffled into the room. The first was a tall, beautiful woman in a black gown. The second was a short, dull- looking man armored from head-to-toe…odd apparel in this climate. “Identify yourselves!”

The woman spoke up. “I am Astra of Califie and my companion is Fred of Gelda. We are but simple travellers who are here to bask in-“

Gilder cut her off. “Blah blah blah blah blah. Don’t give me that… you’re spies. And guess what, you’re too late! Ha ha ha! We are no longer dependent on Geldan Peppermint. We now have a new supplier in form of Suffex!”

The little man, Fred, suddenly spoke up. “Um…actually, I’m from Suffex! The whole Gelda/Califie thing was a lie.”

  1. The Governor thinks Fred is lying.
  2. The Governor believes Fred.

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