Fred vs. Belboz: Round 1

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 21635

Fred became visibly flustered, a frown creasing his reddening face. "Damn you, Belboz! Away with thee!" Fred had reached his breaking point, and with sword drawn and ready, he lunged at Belboz. Meanwhile, Belboz became distracted by a crease in his robe and bent over to smooth it out. Fred wild charge missed Belboz completely and his sword became embedded in a large wooden cabinet behind Belboz.

”I’m sorry, did you say something?” asked Belboz, still engrossed with his robe.

Fred was too enraged to answer. Hell-bent on cleaving Belboz, he pulled on his sword in an attempt to dislodge from the cabinet. But the sword would not come loose. Instead, Fred’s struggle caused the cabinet to swing open, spilling a slew of bananas on the floor.

”Say,” said Belboz, noticing the bananas, “those could come in handy against the Dragon! Just stick one up his nose. You see, the vitamin B, combined with whatever it is that makes a banana yellow, causes a dragon's lungs to explode.”

Fred screamed in rage. Belboz really had it coming. On the other hand, he finally had access to bananas and could continue his quest.

  1. Fred continues his assault on Belboz (Round 2)
  2. Fred takes a banana and goes off to find the Dragon

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Sir Paulito

11/6/2002 6:42:51 AM

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