Amphibian Adventure

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 21400

Fred eats a toad. Is there anything unique about this toad?

  1. He's a Lord Knight who just ate an amphibian alive and squirming! Is that not enough?
  2. It was a curse prince.
  3. It's leavings induced hallucinations. Fred was soon tripping balls.
  4. It was poison. Inside of seven minutes Fred was stone-cold dead.
  5. In exactly eight minutes Fred was a toad.
  6. We will never find out because Fred became a mountain. Yes, a different mountain.
  7. Fred barfed, for the human body was not built to consume live toads.
  8. The Wizard of Uncaring-Waved-Hands saved Fred from an unsavory aspects of toad-eating.

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8/11/2015 2:21:41 AM

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