I want my money back!!!

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 20640

Fred is outraged. He was really hungry and was looking forward to sinking his teeth into that nice, tasty cheese sandwich.

"I DEMAND my money back!" says Fred.

Belboz replies "Uh, I guess a refund is in order. You asked for a bite to eat, not an interdimentional portal."

Fred has several choices awaiting him. What shall he do?

  1. Fred decides to just get his five bucks back.
  2. Forget the refund, Fred just wants the sandwich.
  3. Fred not only wants another cheese sandwich, but it must also be GRILLED!!!
  4. Screw it, Fred decides. Belboz can keep the money and his stinkin' sandwich.
  5. Screw it, Fred decides. Fred proceeds to cut Belboz in half with his sword.
  6. Fred decides to use himself as a projectile vomit cannon to put Belboz's eyes out.

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Phil Thyp Ants

9/30/2002 4:46:00 PM

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