Say No and Repent

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 19582

Sir Fred could not believe in such a request. His hands knee-deep in dirty suds responded, "No Sir, I must stay in repent." The rich gentleman left heading toward the Castle, leaving him alone. The suddenly a bright light of tremedious joy entered the room, everything was clean and bright. Sir Fred could not believe his eyes. "Lord of Heaven!" He knelt."I am not worthy of this Precious Miracle."

  1. Sir Fred's Imagination
  2. Angelic Beings take him to Princess Astra the goddess of Love Purity
  3. Angelic Beings take him to Avalon to Meet King Arthur so he can be the Knight of the Round Table
  4. Sir Fred awakes up in he is Stocks and Irons.

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5/13/2003 7:04:47 PM

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