Helping Alicia

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 19535

Fred bravely put his own fear to one side and concentrated on helping Alicia. It may have helped, too, that the terrifying flying machine had now turned away and did not seem to pose an immediate threat for the moment.

He gently lifted the fox-woman out of the shrubbery. At least he still had arms capable of lifting, rather than forelegs. That was some small comfort.

He carefully laid her down on the ground face up and examined her. A trickle of blood flowed from a wound near the top of her head. It looked as though she had hit her head hard on something and been knocked unconscious. Poking about under the shrubbery, Fred found a large protruding lump of rock, almost certainly the culprit.

He checked Alicia's breathing, which seemed strong and regular. She might awake with concussion, and almost certainly would have a nasty headache, but hopefully nothing worse. As he was bending over her, he was startled by a deep voice behind him: "Leave her alone!"

Fred realised what the newcomer must have assumed when he saw him bending over Alicia. "It's not what you think," he said, turning round. He found himself facing:

  1. Another anthropomorphic fox.
  2. A bear-man.
  3. A human male (who unfortunately heard what Fred said as an unintelligible series of yips and yaps).

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