The Dragon Wins.

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 19483

The Dragon, sleeping like all evil creatures should when not being slaughtered by adventurers like Lord Fred, is quickly awakened when he hears a "Woosh" accompanied by a "AHHHH!" and finally a loud "SPLAT!", just missing his head, but getting it rather messy and gooey in the process. The Dragon raises his head, and blows his magical fire breath above him, into a giant brass chandalier. A few smaller dragons, used mainly as bait and distractions to would-be adventurers, run to the splattered corpse at this point, inspecting it, because a full-sized dragon is just far to large to really look at a little thing on the ground.

"Chee-cha, kea meetike!" (Human, it's already dead!) the smaller dragons chirp together, but not exactly in unison.

"Graaaaa, Morrraaa." (Search the corpse, my children.) the dragon roared in return.

A few moments later, the little dragons chirp "Chii, titi ki mita. CI grila." (Nothing, money or magical. No details either.)

"RAAAHHH! GRAAAA! MORRRAAAAA!" (I'm tired of these humans trying to attack me! We attack tonight! Woman, kids, get ready to attack that human settlement hearby!)

A loud high-pitched squeel is heard from a cavern off to the side, followed by the sound of wings flapping. Large wings. The dragon and the dragonettes run (Or waddle, seeing as they aren't exactly ment to be bipedal) over to the aformentioned cavern and prepare to fly off as well.

  1. The dragons fly off to attack Fred's kingdom.
  2. The dragons fly off ot attack Fred's kingdom, but get lost.
  3. The dragons all die of some mysterious illness.

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5/2/2006 8:27:24 PM

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