The Never Ending Quest - Episode 18518

Fred examined the maiden closely. She had huge green eyes, incredibly pale skin and bright red lips and... nose? Upon closer examination Fred realized she was wearing clown makeup, as well as big red clown shoes and baggy polka-dot trousers over a worn linen blouse.

"Whoah!" Fred said. "Y-you're one the Lenocuse, aren't you?"

The Royal Encyclopaedia mentioned the Lenocuse as follows: "Thay arst a treacherouse and cave-dwelling clowne race, dryven undergrounde long ago by thay stronger cousines. Fonde of prank both humourouse and malyciouse, thay liveth of lichen, and the bodies of cave rattes and dogges. Doe nat falleth pray to their wyles and jokes, as thay will kidnape the innocente, and washeth tha braine to become one of thay. Thay languages arst incomprehensivle to goodly an thoughtfulle peoples. Avoide at all coste as thay arst a deadely scourge."

Fred knew he had to use caution. Avoiding the girl's deep penetrating gaze, he started inching away. At any time she could use one of the deadly clown weapons peculiar to the Lenocuse - the weighted juggling balls that could break bone, or the acidic flower spray, or even their purportedly poisonous bite. The clown-girl stared at Fred with confusion up until he had exited and shut the door behind him. Then she ran to the door and began crying plaintively, "Ashfwij nellikwnurei! Mmmmnahakakeijei! Allorinknxfwakeishem!"

Fred felt awful, and wasn't sure if he had done the right thing. Ashijfhwlo seemed to young to have done anything truly evil. Her eyes simply did not radiate the sort of wickedness one would associate with murderous, kidnapping gypsy cave-clowns.

"Haanuwershnei! Aaranunde! Hashemashemashemvoi!" the girl persisted, starting to cry.

Cursing his weakness, Fred opened the door. Ashijfhwlo bounced out, the bells on her wrists and ankles jangling. She hugged Fred with such fervor he feared she was trying to strangle him.

  1. "Ah, easy there." Fred said, chuckling uncomfortably. "You're free now. No need for that."

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