Fred, tossed out of Hell

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 18127

Fred has been thrown out of hell for having a violent potty mouth.
Fred ends up in a small tavern in the resort town of Hannaburi's lake, in a friendly part of the 'Three Kingdoms'.
It is not very well lit so nobody noticed that Fred (and his teddy bear) had appeared in the corner booth.
The booth is covered with green something-or-other. The round table is pitted with knife-scars and scratched-in-initials.
Fred found some money in a side pocket.

  1. Fred orders a beer.
  2. Fred orders a meal.
  3. Fred orders a wench.
  4. Fred orders a wrench.
  5. Fred leaves.
  6. Fred scratches in his initials.
  7. Some punks try and stick up the place.
  8. Fred is approached by Supervisor 124, who is an alien here to make sure humans don't fuck up the world too badly with magic. He wants to recruit Fred.
  9. Fred goes to the bathroom.
  10. Fred swears loudly.

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7/9/2003 4:43:42 AM

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