One book to bring them all, and in the darkness, bind them

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 18079

"After Fred had visited the library," Fred read out of the book, "he, Astra and Velus joined forces again."

"Hi Fred!" came Astra's voice, suddenly. "Fancy meeting you here!"

Velus barked approvingly. Apparently, he had appeared out of nowhere.

"What?" asked Fred. "But how?"

"Maybe we took a wrong turn?" suggested Astra.

"No, I mean, look at this book! It said we would be reunited at this instant and it was so!"

"Oh you're just being superstitious!" said Astra, glancing over his shoulder. "What does the book say we do now?"

"It says, 'Fred put down the lamp and noticed a tunnel leading out of the abandoned marketplace. What did they find at the end of this tunnel? If they find a pool of swirling water in which Velus pees and Fred spits, turn to page 25,021. If they find an unfamiliar landscape, turn to page 1,985'."

"Well, what that book says can't possibly be true because we're nowhere near a marketplace, are we?" She lifted her eyes from the book, and noticed they were, indeed, in an abandoned market, even though it seemed they had been in a library just a second ago. What's more, they remembered having played with a lamp and having picked up a red stone, a tin of food, a magic rope, and a magic stick, which they couldn't possibly have done if they were in the library just a second ago.

"In Aquilaria we have a word for these occurances: Freaky."

"That's not really an Aquilarian..."

Astra interrupted him. "Throw that book away! Now! I already feel like I'm forgetting something!" Astra snatched the book out of his hands and threw it into a nearby market stall.

Just then Fred noticed a tunnel leading out of the abandoned marketplace, which he proposed they follow.

  1. They find a pool of swirling water in which Velus pees and Fred spits
  2. They find an unfamiliar landscape

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